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Hi everyone! I have a new book coming out titled "Whimsy Girls at Work Coloring Book" and thought you might enjoy a sample page to color! In this book will be 30 pages of all kinds of Whimsy Girls at Work--answering the phone at a desk job, fighting fires, teaching, flying planes, taking care of animals, taking care of kids at home, farming, delivering the mail, working on cars, and so much more! There will be 2 different versions of each page--one original "detailed" version, and another "simplified" version.
The book will release sometime this month in November 2019--I'll announce an official date once it gets closer. It can be difficult to pin down an exact release date due to the review process on Amazon and the upcoming holiday, but I'll do my best to get it released before Thanksgiving! You can find my paperback books on Amazon as well as PDFs and autographed copies on my site, Thank you so much for your interest in my artwork!
About The Artist
Hannah Lynn
Hannah Lynn is a self-taught American fantasy style character artist. She grew up in Northern California and has no formal training in art. She started creating art as a way to manage pain and stress, and turned it into a business which now supports her family. She has exhibited her artwork at world-reknown conventions such as San Diego Comic Con and has fans all around the world. She currently resides in Idaho with her husband, 2 daughters, and many animal companions, including dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, and more!
A note from Hannah: 
Each fan is very special to me. I connect with my fans on a personal level through Facebook and more as often as I can! Follow me on Facebook or Instagram @hannahlynnart to see what I'm working on, or to share your colored pages with me and with other Hannah Lynn fans! 
Hannah Lynn asked her fans on Facebook, "Why do YOU color?"...
  • It helps me relax, focuses my mind, and declutters my thoughts....not to forget the whole collaboration to create something beautiful with amazing artists.
  • Coloring provides me with mental therapy! An escape. It also keeps my hands moving and not stiff. This is beautiful, as all your work!
    -Anne Marie
  • Coloring helps keep my mind off my chronic pain. 
  • I color for lots of reasons. When I was little, I colored because it was fun (it still is). As an adult, it offers me peace of mind, a chance for relaxation, an escape from stress and anxiety, and a creative outlet. 
  • I color for mental health and physical health (chronic headaches).
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